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Last updated 3:15 PM on 1 November 2017

If you have ever been to Orange High's School Show, you would have had a first-hand experience of our thriving music program. We are fortunate to have a vast amount of musically talented students as well as staff members to mentor and assist them in reaching their full potential here at Orange High.

While our students are gifted, they are unable to perform and exhibit these talents without quality equipment to use. From tubas to trombones, flutes, to French horns Orange High strives to provide quality instruments to aid our students to create and perform to the best of their ability.

Our Year 12 music students are now preparing for the HSC, many of which require a high quality grand piano (for either performance or accompaniment). The HSC students with these requirements currently have to go to another location to rehearse. This means they have to leave their school and the space they are most comfortable in just for the use of a grand piano, of high calibre, to support their performances.

As a parent-run fundraising group, PRISM have been raising money for the past four years in the bid to raise enough money to provide our students with a grand piano for them to use in both an educational and performance capacity. We are nearly there! We have a further $10 000 to raise before we can expand our collection of instruments to include a grand piano. It is VERY exciting and we are now appealing to the wider community to give us an extra boost upon the money that has been raised so far through school shows, student performances, chocolate drives, barbeques, trivia nights and cabaret nights.

It would be GRAND if you could spare some time and money to help us as we edge closer to our goal of supplying our students with a quality instrument to support their learning, creating and performing for many years to come.


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