Anti-bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Plan Heading


Orange High School

Anti-bullying Plan 


Orange High School values education, friendship and community. Our school is an inclusive environment where diversity is affirmed and individual differences are accepted and encouraged. We respect the right of all members of the school community to feel and be safe at all times. Everyone at Orange High School has the capacity to grow and learn, individually and collectively, from each other.


At Orange High School, we;

  1. Ensure that everyone is respectful, safe and a learner.
  2. Value the notion of respect in every personal action
  3. Will not tolerate any action (eg. threats, intimidation, physical bullying) that undermines a person's right to feel safe
  4. Look after each other (friends, classmates and staff)
  5. Will not accept bullying or any form of harassment
  6. Understand the impact of technology on the lives of our students
  7. Aim to target the behaviour and not the student