Mobile Phones & Other Devices

Mobile Phones & Other Devices







Electronic Communication used positively potentially enhances learning opportunities. Orange High School expects all students to responsibly use and manage electronic communication devices.




  • Students are responsible for their own communication devices.  The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Phones must never be used for bullying.  It is illegal to send inappropriate threatening messages or images via mobile phones.
  • Should students receive unwelcome phone calls or text messages during school time they must report this to a teacher.
  • The use of communication devices during a teaching and learning activity is at the discretion of the teacher.  Students must comply with the instructions of the teacher or other instructional leader.
  • If a phone has a camera, taping or video facility, it is not to be used within the school grounds or at the bus stop at any time, without the express permission of the teacher and students in the context of a learning experience.
  • Communication devices must be turned off or on silent in all formal group situations.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be used as calculators in formal assessments tasks.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used in examinations and assessment tasks.
  • If a student is found to be using mobile phones during examinations or assessment tasks they will be penalised.
  • On excursions, camps and sporting visits, the teacher-in-charge will inform students of regulations governing communication device use.
  • In an emergency and other times throughout the day students may need to contact or be contacted by parents or caregivers. This should be done through the front office rather than through mobile phones to ensure support for the student and clear lines of communication.
  • Students are not to phone parents/friends to come and pick them up from school unless formally done through the front office.


Students not following guidelines, devised by the staff and endorsed by elected SRC, will be directed to take the communication device to the front office. The communication device will be placed in the safe and will not be able to be retrieved until after the final lesson of the day


Parents will be contacted by letter, if a student fails to adhere to the policy. Repeated offenders will be dealt with through the school's Discipline Policy.